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Riding Safely PRO - EAD Course

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The Pedaling with Safety PRO - EAD course aims to guide professionals who use the bicycle as a work tool. Through important tips and guidelines, we seek to raise awareness about the responsibilities of each one as a participant in the traffic. CREDIT HOURS: 10 am CONTENT • MODULE 1 - Conceptualizing Traffic Conceptualizing Traffic Conceptualizing the bike The bike as a work tool The place to pedal is on... Bike path, cycle lane and cycle route • MODULE 2 - Bike history Bike history Bike history Bike in Traffic Legislation What is your history with the bicycle? • MODULE 3 - Cycling in Porto Alegre Cycling Master Plan in Porto Alegre Bike lanes and cycle lanes in Porto Alegre BikePoa • MODULE 4 - Safety when cycling Safety accessories Knowing safety equipment Traffic Safety Conscious Cyclist • MODULE 5 - Bike and health Cycling tips and benefits Introducing Bike Fit Bike as a physical exercise How to make a Bike Fit to pedal better • MODULE 6 - Evaluation and suggestions A different city Evaluation of the course TARGET PUBLIC Messenger cyclists, delivery people and bikeboys.

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